New Mexico Registered Veterinary Technician Association      


Letter from the President, January 2016

JoLynn Chacon, RVT
New Mexico RVT Association President 2016
PO Box 3662, Albuquerque, NM 87190
Web Site: Email: Facebook: NMRVTA

Members at large:

Greetings and salutations. My name is JoLynn Chacon, and I wanted to address the membership body as well as your governing board of directors and state my mission as the guiding force for the NMRVTA for 2016. My goals include improving communication and outreach to members from all over this beautiful state of ours; I want to improve upon the Career Night gathering to accommodate all of our members. This can encourage and motivate members to participate in their state association as well as provide target rich networking possibilities. I want to foster strong bonds between RVT’s, Veterinary Technology students as well as support staff. Our membership has reached a record number high of 160 members as reported by our Secretary/Treasurer, Evelyn Selva, RVT. Our Career Night was attended by 28 Veterinary Technology Students and the board members. With 160 members to our roster I would like to be able to accommodate all who desire to attend.

Another goal of mine is to encourage more organization to running the board of directors. I would like to meet on a monthly basis with meetings open to all members, students and support staff. This will directly enforce our mission which states in our Constitution, Article TWO, Purpose: The purposes of this organization are as follows: 1. To promote professionalism, pride, responsibility, and the interest of Registered Veterinary Technicians and Para-Professional Veterinary Staff; and 2. To maintain a mutual sharing of experiences and advance the standards of Veterinary Technicians and Para-Professionals through continuing education. Included in this category is another goal which is to have a budget report that the board can work from while making decisions about spreading costs of completing our purpose as a whole. An additional goal of mine is to appoint a committee to study and research our current Constitution and bring forth any proposed changes to the board for approval and for subsequent voting by our membership at our annual meeting.

Finally, if all other goals have been met, it is my desire to foster a sense of philanthropy throughout our organization and organize a committee that can look into places for our organization to help our communities either through volunteerism or funding. Let’s do something good and leave a positive foot print on our state for future Veterinary Technicians and Para-Professional staff. I will be starting off this year with a trip to Chicago to meet with other leaders in our profession at the AVMA Leadership conference and I look forward to sharing what I learn with all of you. Please feel free to contact me via the email listed above regarding any questions, concerns or comments you have regarding this organization. If you wish to contact me with a more personal agenda in mind, please feel free to email me at my work email which is Here’s to making 2016 the best year yet in our profession.

JoLynn Chacon, RVT
New Mexico RVT Association President 2016

Address: NMRVTA, PO Box 3662, Albuquerque, NM 87190